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Michael Collins (1890-1922) was one of the most important IRA leaders to emerge during the struggle for Irish freedom in the early twentieth century. From his role in the 1916 Rising, Collins went on to become Director of Intelligence for the IRA and President of the IRB during the War of Independence.

The intricacies of the aftermath of the Easter Rising, the fight against the Black and Tans, the Treaty Negotiations, the Irish Civil War and the shooting of Michael Collins will be covered on the tour. Collins is associated with many buildings in Dublin which will be visited on this accessible, gentle walking tour around Dublin with expert guides.

Please note: the tour requires a minimum of six clients to run, after which bookings for individuals are taken.


The International Bar,
23 Wicklow Street,
Dublin 2
(see map)


3pm daily*


Two hours


€15 per person

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Founded 1996

Tour Highlights

  • The International Bar

    This historic Dublin bar is where the tour begins and ends.

  • Number 10 Exchequer Street

    These were the offices of the Irish National Aid Fund. Michael Collins was secretary to the INAF from February 19th, 1917, where he oversaw the distribution of funds to assist individuals and families associated with the Easter Rising. It brought Collins into very close contact with all the members of the IRA and put him into a position of national influence, allowing him to use his contacts to reorganise the Volunteers.

  • Number 3 Crow Street

    The Department of Intelligence office on the second floor was above Fowlers Print hiding behind the name Irish Products Company. Liam Tobin, who was chief of intelligence, also used this office.

  • The GPO

    The General Post Office on O'Connell Street was the HQ of the Army of the Irish Republic during the 1916 Rising. Michael Collins had a leading role in the Rising as ADC to Joseph Plunkett. This stop will deal specifically with Collins's movements during Easter Week, 1916.

  • 29-30 Parnell Square (formerly Rutland Square)

    Vaughans Hotel, known as Joint Number One, was the property of Tom McGuire and was used as a safe house for Michael Collins and a meeting point for members of both the Irish Republican Brotherhood and the IRA.

  • Plus more

Tour Guides

Our experienced and knowledgeable team

Shane Kenna

Shane is a doctor of modern Irish history and has lectured at Trinity College Dublin and Saor-Ollscoil na h√Čireann. Shane has written a number of books including the biography of Thomas MacDonagh (O'Brien Press, 2014 & 2016) War in the Shadows (Merrion Press, 2014) and Conspirators: A Photographic History of Ireland's Revolutionary Underground (Mercier, 2015). Shane has been a guide in Dublin for the past decade working in Dublin Castle, Kilmainham Gaol and the 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour.

Lorcan Collins

Lorcan, who founded the 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour in 1996, is co-author of The Easter Rising: A Guide to Dublin in 1916, (O'Brien Press, 2000) with Conor Kostick. He wrote the biography of James Connolly (O'Brien Press, 2012) for the 16 Lives series of books which he co-edited with Ruan O'Donnell. Lorcan regularly lectures on the Irish revolutionary period in the United States and is a frequent contributor to radio and television programmes, and historical journals.

Ruairi O'Donnell

Ruairi has channelled a lifelong passion for Irish history into guiding people around his native city of Dublin. Having studied at both UCD and St Patrick's College Maynooth, he worked as a guide in Kilmainham Gaol for eight years. Rory is also chief guide on the 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour and is an expert on revolutionary Irish history.

Liam Cowley

Liam is a history and political science senior sophister student at Trinity College Dublin. He is completing his dissertation on the activities of the Dublin IRA during the War of Independence. Liam has been giving tours of his native city of Dublin since 2014 and is staff writer with Trinity News, focusing on Irish history.

Eoin Walsh

Eoin has a master's degree in Irish history from University College Dublin, specialising in the Irish War of Independence and Irish revolutionary years (1910-1922). He has been guiding tours of revolutionary Dublin for the past three years and is an acknowledged expert on the Easter Rising, the War of Independence and the Civil War.

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